2018 Editorial/Franchise Calendar

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Note: All content and dates subject to change at the editors' discretion.
January / February Investor’s Guide A personal checklist for investing in the year ahead, including the biggest trends affecting your finances and an action plan to capitalize on them.PLUS: MONEY MAKEOVERS / THE MONEY 50/50 11.27 12.25 12.26 12.29 12.27
March HOW TO INVEST LIKE A WOMAN Comprehensive investing strategies tailored towards women’s unique perspectives and needs– including exclusive insights from Ellevest CEO, Sallie Krawcheck. PLUS: TAX GUIDE / GADGETS THAT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY 1.15 2.12 2.12 2.16 2.14
April BEST IN TRAVEL Annual index of the best travel values around the globe, for every type of traveler, including destinations, products, services, and more. PLUS: BEST APPS THAT SAVE YOU MONEY / EARLY RETIREMENT GUIDE 2.12 3.12 3.12 3.16 3.14
May FIX IT UP A homeowner's guide to smart renovations, makeovers, and improvement projects that work for every budget and lifestyle. PLUS: PLUS: REAL ESTATE GUIDE 3.12 4.09 4.09 4.13 4.11
June PETS! A walk into the world of pets from the best foods and gadgets to budgeting and how to turn your pets into a profitable hobby. PLUS: BEST CREDIT CARDS / BEST PLACES FOR PETS / SUMMER TRAVEL 4.16 5.14 5.14 5.18 5.16
July BEST IN FOOD Exploring and taste testing the best food trends, innovations, restaurant chains, and more that won’t break the bank. PLUS: BEST CELL PHONE PLANS / MID-YEAR INVESTOR’S GUIDE 5.14 6.11 6.11 6.15 6.13
August HOW TO GET TO $1 MILLION A look at millionaires in the making and what they’re doing right, plus strategies for making your own first million dollars. PLUS: CAREER REBOOT 6.11 7.09 7.09 7.13 7.11
September BEST COLLEGES Annual authoritative ranking of the 50 best-value colleges in the U.S.—schools that deliver a great education and career launch pad at a price your family can afford. PLUS: PAYING FOR COLLEGE / FALL TRAVEL 7.16 8.13 8.13 8.17 8.15
October BEST PLACES TO LIVE Signature list of the best small towns and big cities in America that offer a healthy economy, affordable homes, and a high quality of life. PLUS: HOW TO GET A RAISE NOW / SNOB ON A BUDGET 8.20 9.17 9.17 9.21 9.19
November ULTIMATE RETIREMENT GUIDE The best saving and investing strategies to ensure you can retire when you want, how you want, and that your money lasts your lifetime. PLUS: BEST BANKS / BEST PLACES TO RETIRE / BEST APPS THAT SAVE YOU MONEY 9.24 10.22 10.22 10.26 10.24
December HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY IN 2019 Tips and tricks for cashing in big next year from negotiating raises to creating an online income—learn how to maximize your earning potential in 2019. PLUS: HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES / BEST CHARITIES FOR YOUR MONEY 10.22 11.19 11.19 11.23 11.21

Last modified: December 11, 2017

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